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A study reveals that the investment on infrastructural developments in UK is very bad and that the government and public are staying away from all this which in turn is hindering the growth path of the country. There are many portions and areas where there are bright chances for developments but every time an improvement project is proposed it is either put on hold for long or gets rejected. Why is it so and who has to take responsibility in clearing this path? It is of course the government that should take necessary actions to bring in some welfare projects for the people of the country which in turn will help them with more income.

Recently the Gatwick runway of Britain`s airport was sponsored and opened by the boss of Legal and General insurer and this has pumped in millions and millions of money into some of the major government projects. He says that executing all the projects proposed is of course a difficult decision but these tougher ones can be easily replaced with ones that are relatively smaller in size and easy to take up. And doing this will atleast continue to fill the treasury without completely stopping the money flow. There are scope for many easy and simple ones where work can actually start with immediate effect once the sites are finalized.

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